2015 Jack Isom Memorial Award
To recognize local athletes in our community that have participated
 in international  and/or olympic games.

Dominique Pegg

Dominique Pegg, born 1994 in London Ontario, was a member of Canada’s Summer Olympic Team that competed in London in 2012. She was part of the artistic gymnastics team that made it to the final, a Canadian first! The team went on to finish fifth while Pegg placed 17th in the all-around competition. 2013-2015 she competed for the University of Alabama. She now on a medical scholarship in Alabama.

Dominique began gymnastics at the age of two at the Blenheim Kent Golden Eagles Gymnastics Club. When she was 9 years old she decided to pursue her Olympic Dream and moved to Sarnia to train at the Bluewater Gymnastics Club with Dave and Liz Brubaker.

Competition highlights

- One of Canada’s top young gymnasts since placing 3rd AA as a novice at Elite Canada in 2005

- Canadian junior all around champion in 2008

- Career highlights include gold medal on vault at 2010 Pacific Rim Championships

2007 Jr. Pan Am Championships

2009 Jr. Pan Am Championships

2010 American Cup

2010 Pacific Rim Championships

2010 Sr Pan Am Championships

2011 World Championships

2012 Olympic Games

2012 Olympic Games (London, GBR): 5th Team/equipe; 17th All-Around/multiple individual

2012 Canadian Championships (Regina, SK): Senior 2nd All-Around/multiple individual; 3rd Vault/saut; 3rd Beam/poutre

2012 II Meeting of Artistic Gymnastics (Sao Bernardo do Campo, BRA) 1st Team/equipe; 6th All-Around/multiple individual; 6th Vault/saut; 6th Beam/poutre; 1st Floor

2011 World Championships (Tokyo, JPN): 11th Team/equipe

2011 Japan Cup (Tokyo, JPN): 3rd Team/equipe; 7th All-Around/ multiple individuel

2011 Canadian Championships (Charlottetown, PE): Senior 7th All-Around/ multiple individuel; 2nd Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 5th Beam/poutre; 2nd Floor/sol

2010 Sr Pan Am Championships (Guadalajara, MEX): 2nd Team/equipe

2010 Canadian Championships (Kamloops, BC): Senior 3rd All-Around/multiple

individuel; 2nd Vault/saut; 5th Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 2nd Beam/poutre; 1st Floor/sol

2010 Pacific Rim Championships (Melbourne, AUS): Senior 4th Team/equipe; 8th All-Around/ multiple individuel; 1st Vault/saut; 7th beam/poutre

2010 World Cup Paris (Paris, FRA): 13th Vault/saut; 10th Floor/sol

2010 American Cup (New York, USA): 7th All-Around/ multiple individuel

2010 WOGA Classic (Frisco, USA): Senior 2nd All-Around/ multiple individuel; 4th Vault/saut; 3rd Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 4th Beam/poutre; 2nd Floor/sol

2009 Elite Canada (Oakville, ON): Senior 1st All-Around/ multiple individuel; 2nd Vault/saut; 3rd Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 1st Floor/sol

2009 Jr. Pan Am Championships (Aracaju, BRA): 2nd Team/equipe; 6th All-Around/multiple individuel; 3rd Vault/saut; 8th Beam/poutre; 4th Floor/sol

2009 Japan Junior (Yokohama, JPN): 10th All-Around/ multiple individuel; 7th Beam/poutre; 4th Floor/sol

2009 Canadian Championships (Hamilton, ON): Senior 3rd All-Around/ multiple individuel; 7th Vault/saut; 3rd Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 8th Floor/sol

2008 Elite Canada (Gatineau, QC): Senior 4th All-Around/ multiple individuel; 2nd Vault/saut;2nd Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 6th Beam/poutre; 1st Floor/sol

2008 Massilia Open (Marseilles, FRA): 3rd All-Around/ multiple individuel; 5th Vault/saut; 4th Uneven Bars/barres asymétriques; 11th Beam/poutre; 3rd Floor/sol

2008 Canadian Championships (Calgary, AB): Junior 1st All-Around/multiples individuel; 1st Vault/saut;1st Uneven Bars/barres assymétriques; 3rd Beam/poutre; 2nd Floor/sol

2007 Jr Pan Am Championships (Guatemala City, GUA): 2nd Team/equipe; 6th All-Around/multiple individuel; 1st Vault/saut; 5th Uneven bars/barres asymétriques; 7th Beam/poutre

2007 Canadian Championships (Regina, SK): Junior 5th All-Around/multiple individuel; 1st Vault/saut; 4th Uneven bars/barres asymétriques; 3rd Beam/pouter

2007 Romanian International (Ploesti, ROM): 4th All-Around/multiple individuel; 1st Vault/saut; 3rd Uneven bars/barres asymétriques; 5th Beam/poutre; 6th Floor/sol

2006 Canadian Championships (Quebec City, QC): Novice 2nd All-Around/multiple individuel; 1st Vault/saut; 3rd Uneven bars/barres asymétriques; 3rd Beam/poutre

2006 International Gymnix (Montreal, QC): 18th All-Around/multiple individuel

2005 Elite Canada (Gatineau, QC): Novice 3rd All-Around/multiple individuel; 3rd Vault/saut;3rd Beam/poutre; 5th Floor/sol

2005 Top Gym International (Charleroi, BEL): 12th All-Around/multiple individuel

2005 Canadian Championships (Vancouver, BC): 11th All-Around/multiple individuel; 13th Vault/saut; 19th Uneven bars/barres asymétriques; 8th Beam/poutre; 17th Floor/sol

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