2015 Bud Haveling
Special Achievement Award

This award recognizes a person who over a number of years has made significant
contributions to sports beyond athletic endeavors, ie: media, coach, official, trainer etc.



Master James Taylor

A 7th degree black belt, James Taylor has been a master instructor at Bluewater Taekwondo, one of the pioneer Taekwondo clubs in Canada, for 30 years.

Over the decades he has coached over 140 regional, provincial and national champions. He has also helped organize over 10 nationals championships. On top of that, he has inspired and mentored several students in opening their own Taekwondo clubs across Canada.


His coaching credentials include:

Ontario Team coach 1983-2003
Canadian Team Coach, Athens, Greece, 1991
Coach of the Year at the Junior Nationals Championships in 1992 Canadian Team Coach, Egypt World Cup Championships, 1997
Canadian Team Coach, Korean World Championships, 2001
Coached US Open World Championship 1993-2000.


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