2015 Amateur Award
outstanding performance as an amateur athlete in their sport

Dalas Santavy


Dalas Santavy has won multiple gold medals during a career that has seen him compete across Canada and around the world. Among other things, he has taken part in two Commonwealth Games (in 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2006 at Melbourne, Australia).At the Melbourne Games he competed in the 94 kilo class, placing fifth in snatch, third in the clean and jerk and fifth in total.

He also competed in the 2007 Pan Am Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the 2010 world championships in Antalya, Turkey.

At home, he has won too many medals to recall them all here. His wins, collected over more than two decades, range from a gold in the 82.5 kilo class at the junior championships in Edmonton in 1992 to a gold in the 94 kilo class at the 2012 Canadian championships.

In 2005 he broke a long-standing Ontario record in the clean and jerk, hoisting 187 kilos, or more than twice his body weight. It's a record that still stands today in the 94 kilo class.

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