2013 Joe DeRush Memorial Award
The Joe DeRush Memorial Award and Scholarship is presented each year to recognize local athletes with disabilities who performs in competitive events at the regional, provincial, national or international level.  This athlete displays leadership qualities both on and off the field, with the team, in his or her school and within his or her community. Criteria includes:  performance, leadership, positive attitude, sportsmanship, dedication and fair-play philosophy.


Tyler McGregor
Sledge Hockey

Athlete Tyler McGregor from Forest, Ontario was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcome in 2010 and as a result had to have his left leg amputated. 

McGregor;’s hockey career began at age 3 and he went on to play AAA hockey.  After his amputation McGregor competitive spirit continued and he turned to Sledge Hockey. 

In 2012 McGregor was selected to Canada’s National Sledge Hockey team and has competed in National and International Tournaments. 

In 2013 McGregor was a member of the Canadian Gold Medal team at the IPC World Sledge Ice Hockey Championship in Goyang, Korea.




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