2013 Inductees and Award Recipients
Sitting L-R  Bill Riley, Sue Weir, Arsene Tanguy, Don McPhail
Back Row L-R  Kris Hall, Doug White, Tyler McGregor, Gord Neely Sr.

Amateur Award
Sue Weir
Arsene Tanguy

For outstanding performance as an amateur athlete in their sport.

Bud Morrison Award
Doug White

The Bud Morrison Award recognizes a person who over a number of years has made significant contributions
 to the youth in their sport endeavors. (ie: coach, manager, official, trainer, facility maintenance, including school officials)

Bill Riley

This award recognizes significant contributions in the establishment of a sport from its infancy
 to the mature state within the community; would have been the individual to keep a sport alive in the community and have a
 long-term service on sport committees and executive positions either at the local, provincial or national levels.

  Earl Mackenzie
Don "Mouse" McPhail

The Earl MacKenzie award recognizes those people involved in sports at least 30 years prior
to the year of induction who are worth of enshrinement.

Professional Athlete Award 
Kris Hall

For outstanding performance at the professional level. Must have achieved professional status and maintained that
level for three (3) years or three (3) seasons and be retired from his/her professional career for a minimum of three (3) years.

  Bud Haveling Special Achievement Award
Gord Neely Sr.

This award recognizes a person who over a number of years has made significant contributions
to sports beyond athletic endeavors, ie: media, coach, official, trainer etc.

1987 Sarnia Ranson Men's Senior A Fastball Team

This is a group award in recognition for winning a major championship or a team
performing in an outstanding manner over a period of time.

2012 Joe DeRush Memorial Award
Tyler McGregor
The Joe DeRush Memorial Award and Scholarship is presented each year to recognize local athletes with disabilities who performs in competitive events at the regional, provincial, national or international level.  This athlete displays leadership qualities both on and off the field, with the team, in his or her school and within his or her community. Criteria includes:  performance, leadership, positive attitude, sportsmanship, dedication and fair-play philosophy.


Pappy Burr Award
Ashley Bisson
Mike Rocca

This award is presented to a student (male &/or female) who has achieved their O.S.S.D.
and will be entering a university or college in the fall.

Rose Hodgson Memorial Award
Bonnie Kearns
In recognition of outstanding contribution to our community.


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