Joe De Rush Memorial

Laura Sitlington

Laura Sitlington is a part of the Sarnia Ice Hawks sledge hockey team, and has won medals in tournaments hosted in London and Montreal, while also competing in New Jersey and Boston. Laura is a Achondroplasiatic dwarf, and has been competing in sports since the age of two years old, and played hockey in the Forest Minor hockey program, but due to her size, she was not able to continue playing. She made the jump to sledge hockey as well as playing rover in baseball in the Sarnia Challenger baseball league, a sport she has played and enjoyed for the past 8 years.

Laura Being a ‘little person’ has been dedicated to her sports and strived to have fun even in a tough situation. Currently she and the women’s sledge hockey program are working towards getting sledge hockey into the Paralympics. It requires that four countries participate, and currently only Canada and the USA do. Though she has obstacles, Laura has proved that determination can dedication to any sport can result in positive things.

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