2017 Ralph "Pappy" Burr Award
This award is presented to a student (male &/or female) who has achieved their O.S.S.D.
and will be entering a university or college in the fall.


Marissa Mueller Katie Barwitzki


Marissa Mueller and Katie Barwitzki are co-winners of this honour, which goes to students who have graduated from high school and are headed off to university or college. Both have remarkable records of achievement in academics, pulling off grades in the high 90s and even perfect 100 scores. Both have also done too much volunteer work to list here.

More than that, both have been outstanding athletes. Barwitzki was Northern female athlete of the year in Grade 9, 10 and 11, as well as senior female athlete of the year in 2016/17. Her extra curricular activities include cross country, track and field, hockey, volleyball, soccer and much more. She has also served as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

Mueller, a Lambton Central Collegiate graduate, has many athletic achievements to her credit, including being named athlete of the year in the Youth Girls Throws division at the annual Athletics Ontario year-end gala. She won gold in the women's youth javelin at the National Legion Track and Field championships in Quebec. Her thrown was the best of any Canadian athlete in her age group for the season.

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