2012 Team Award
Is a group award in recognition for winning a major championship or a team performing in an outstanding manner over a period of time.


2002 Alvinston Indians Men's Fastball


The Alvinston Indians Men’s Fastball Team won the 2002 World Championship series of the International Softball Congress II (ISC II) in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario on August 17, 2002.

In round robin the Indians went 4 – 1 with wins against Sycamore Ohio, Erie Pennsylvania, Kingston Illinois, Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Their only loss in the tournament was against Millington Michigan.

In the semi finals the Indians were the only Canadian team remaining in the playoffs and they defeated Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania and went on and defeated West Michigan in the final with a final score of 8 – 1.

                      2002 Alvinston Indians Team Members

Murray McLean

Brad Young

Kevin Morgan

Scott McAuley

Andy Triest

Brett Neal

Dan Beecroft

Ryan Chapman

Marc Greenwood

Mike Black

Ian McEachern

Randy Livingston

Ron Pazitka

Doug Charlton

Paul McCart

Joe Triest

Scott Smith

Jim McNally

Chris Wismer

Adam Swan

Bat Boys: Brady Davenport & Justin Scott


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