2011 Builder Award

Ed and Wendy Seguin
 Huron Lakers Girls Basketball Club

In 1988 Ed and Wendy started the Lakers organization. In itís early beginnings the organization was known as the Irish and consisted of 15 girls from boundaries to allow any girl in Lambton County to play. The name was changed to better reflect the participation of the whole community and together they guided the organization as it grew to a membership of 350 girls and ran a club program with 16 travel teams.

Ed has served as a coach at a number of elementary schools and led the St Patís Senior Basketball team to the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association AAA Championship in 1991, 1994 and 1995.

The truly remarkable characteristics of the Sequins is not what they have accomplished on the basketball court buy how they have used basketball as a medium to teach young girls important aspects of life

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