2007 Earl MacKenzie Award
Merle Scott

Born:  Wyoming, Ontario
Sport:  Target Rifle Shooting

In her hey day Merle Scott was an expert shot and also a National Champion with a .22 caliber rifle. In fact the straight shooter was a 1947 Dominion Marksman and Expert Gold Shield winner for a perfect score of 6,000 points (on 60 targets ) after shooting indoors at fifty yards. At the time, the Gold Shield had previously been won by very few women and comparatively few men.


The Gold Shield was awarded for all-around proficiency with a sporting rifle and Merle was Canada's Ladies Champion Rifle Shot in 1947. Merle Scott joined the Wyoming Rifle Club in 1946 competing on a mixed team and a women's team that were very successful in National Competitions. The Wyoming ladies were for three straight years Canadian Champions in the late 1940's and in the 1940's and 1950's the Wyoming Rifle Club nearly dominated .22 caliber target rifle shooting in Canada.


 Merle and her husband Jim raised two boys:   Robert and Doug. Bob is a resident of Corunna and his brother Doug passed away. Merle's husband died in 1974.


Today, Merle is 90 years old and resides in Wyoming. The memories of her accomplishments have been shared with grandchildren and great grandchildren who sit with amazement at the feats of this recipient of the 2007 Earl MacKenzie Award.

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