2007 Joe DeRush Memorial Award
Colby Clatworthy

Keeping active and having social interaction has been a very important part of Colby Clatworth's life.
His involvement in sports helps him keep his objectives.

In Sports he has participated in Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Soccer, Bowling (School League), Swimming, Baseball, Sledge Hockey, Boccia Ball and in weight training he placed 3rd in the 100 pound bench press.


Colby has also been involved in many school activities such as he Special Olympics - Track & Field.  He has also been a Team Leader/Water Boy of the Northern High School Football team for the past three seasons.

Colby has previously earned the Canada Turst Good Sport Award (1999 Baseball) and the Most Dependable Player Certificate (2007 Baseball).

All of the sports he has been involved in have boosted his self esteem, giving him self confidence and the opportunity to grow. 

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