2007 Earl MacKenzie Award
Cliff Perry
Born:  Sarnia, Ontario
Sport:  Track & Field, Lacrosse and Football

Cliff Perry was born May 31, 1932 in Sarnia, Ontario and in his high school days he set numerous track and field records at Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School. At the age of 16 he won a place on the Sarnia Beavers Senior Lacrosse Team and excelled even at this young age. Cliff was star football player in High School and played football for the Central Century team in the City Junior League. As a 19 year old he played football for the Sarnia Imperials Senior Football team.

Many of the Sarnia sports fans knew that Cliff Perry would be one of the Sarnia Imperial greats and he was the city's most well known athletes.

Quotes in local newspapers said this about Cliff Perry.

- One of Sarnia's most versatile athletes

- One of Sarnia's Greatest Lacrosse Stars

- Most promising rookie to ever play with the Sarnia Imperials Football team.

- One of Sarnia's most promising figures in the World of Sports.

- Cliff Perry had the most blistering under hand lacrosse shots ever seen.

Cliff Perry passed away at the young age of 21 from cancer.  Cliff was married to his wife Nancy and together they had two daughters Jennifer and Cindy.

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