Joe DeRush Memorial Award

 2006 Inductee

Craig Silverthorne

Craig Silverthorn is a special needs athlete whom has had great success in a number of athletic endeavors which includes Sledge Hockey, Bowling, Baseball and Track and Field.


A list of his accomplishments are as follows:


2006 York University Summer Games (regional meet)

3 Gold medals in 100m, 200m and shot put

Qualified in all three events for the summer Paralympics

2006 Provincial and National Paralympics Championships
London, Ontario

3 gold medals 2 Provincial Golds in 100 m and shot put, 1 National Gold medal in 200m.

2006 Windsor Special Olympics

1st  - Track and Field
2nd Bowling

2004 Ontario Games for Physically Disable

Sarnia, Ontario

Honors of being the torch bearer for the Opening Ceremonies

1 gold medal long jump

2 silver in 100m and 200m


2004 Ontario Paralympics
Coberg, Ontario

2 silver medals

Windsor Games - 2 third place finishes

Regionals in Windsor 2 silver medals


2004 Summer Games

Etobicoke, Ontario

3 Gold medals


2002 Ontario Summer Games

Kitchener, Ontario

1st in 100m & 200 m

1st in Shot put


2002 Regionals in Windsor

2nd in 100m & 3rd in 200m


2001 - Junior Orange Bowl Paralympic Championships
Miami Florida

2 gold and 2 silver medals

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