Team Award

 2006 Inductee

1987 - 1988 Mooretown Flags Jr. C

Winners of the 1987 - 1988 Great Lakes Jr. C and the 1988 Ontario Jr. C Championship winner of the Clarence Schmalz Cup.


Team Members Include: Mark Cornelious, Jeff Perry, Bob Waybrant, Ken Nicholson, Dan Gardner, Craig Lindsay, Brad Allen, Shawn Muscutt, Tyler Fraleigh, Tom Foster, Seth Lippiatt, Darren Thompson, Kerry Adams, Dave Oldale, Ted Dupont, John Germain, Brian McCabe, Cory Pageau, Dave Martin, Shane Green, Mike Caley, Lee McCabe, Shawn Jackson, Ken Williams, Rob Purdy.

Manager Bob Haley, Coach Mark Davis, Assistant Coach Steve Degurse

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