Joe DeRush Memorial Award

 2004 Inductee
Marc Siebert

At the age of six, Marc's family moved to Sarnia.  Marc could not speak a word, but with help from speech therapists and elementary teachers, Marc learned to read, write and talk.  He reads the sports section every day.  

Marc has been a bowler on the 10 pin High Rollers team for a number of years.  In 1991 - 1992, the Marcin Bowling Team won first.

Marc played a big part in getting a floor hockey team in Sarnia for Ontario Special Olympics.  His team played their first games with Chatham and for the first year they were beaten fairly bad.  Chatham was a Division 2 team.  Their first tournament was in Orillia in 1985 for Ontario Special Olympics H.P.S. Tournament which they won gold three years in a row.

Marc's team won silver medals in 1991-1992 in Chicago (Division 1).  In 1993 they won the gold medal.  In 1992, they won the silver medal in the Ontario Special Olympics Tournament (all Ontario) in Morbin.  In 1994, at the University of Toronto, they won a gold medal.

In 1992, Marc was a sports celebrity for the Ontario Special Olympics for the Sertoma Club.  They placed third in 1994 for the Ontario Special Olympics Spring Games in Hamilton.  They went to all Ontario finals for O.S.O. in Cornwall in 1996.  In 1995 at the Ontario Speical Olympics Jaycee Tournament, they won first!  In 1998 they also won first.  Marc was the defenseman in 1989, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999 and 2000.  He won Most Valuable Player for the Sarnia Capital in 1999.  Marc also helps other athletes with special needs to bowl.

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