Sarnia Rapids Y 1 Swimmers Compete in Windsor



l-r (Back) Diane Clarke, 14, and Trevor Marut, 8, (Front) Pim DeRond, 6 and Ali Page, 7.
Missing are Lauren Armstrong, 8, Mark de Guzman, 12, and Daisy Jenkins, 9.

Seven-year-old Ali Page of the Sarnia Y Rapids 1 Swim Team completes near sweep and top in her age group in the 25m butterfly, backstroke and freestyle and added 2nd in the 25m breaststroke, at the St. Clair Erie Aquatic League (SEAL) swim meet in Windsor on January 17. Her teammate, Diane Clarke, 14, won the 100m Individual Medley (IM) event in her age group, and added 2nd in the 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle and 3rd in the 100 m backstroke, while improving each of her personal best times (PBTs). In all, 27 swimmers from the team participated in the meet.

Reaching the Top Three in at least one event were: Lauren Armstrong, 8, with a 2nd-place finish in the 25m breaststroke and 3rd in the 100m IM while shaving time off her PBTs; Mark de Guzman, 12, coming 2nd in the 100m breaststroke, and taking time off his PBTs in each of his events; six-year-old Pim DeRond in his first competition, placing 3rd in the 25m breaststroke; Daisy Jenkins, 9, with a 3rd-place finish in the 25m butterfly; and eight-year-old Trevor Marut, finishing 3rd in the 100m IM and 50m backstroke and freestyle.

Seven other swimmers on the team finished in the Top Six to earn ribbons in individual events. Nine-year-old Kristen Alexander came 6th in the 50m backstroke for her age group. Lieve DeRond, also 9, finished 4th in the 25m butterfly and breaststroke, and 6th in the 50m freestyle. Daniel Guo, 11, placed 5th in the 50m butterfly and 6th in the 50m breaststroke while also besting all his PBTs. Russell Oliver, 9, finished 4th in the 100m IM, and 25m butterfly and breaststroke, 5th in the 50m backstroke and 6th in the 50m freestyle, while improving each of his PBTs. Annabelle Rayson, 10, improved her PBT in the 50m butterfly by more than 5 seconds to earn 6th place and added two other PBTs. Ben Wright, 7, came 5th in the 25m backstroke and freestyle. Susan Wu, 11, bested each of her PBTs while finishing 6th in the 50m breaststroke.

Reaching the Top 10 were: Adinda DeRond, 11, in the 50m backstroke; Jessie Hillier, 9, in the 25m butterfly (improving her PBT by almost three seconds); and Tyler Murphy, 11, in the 50m breaststroke (taking more than seven seconds off his PBT).

Thirteen-year-old Erin Lacey improved each of her individual PBTs, as did 10-year-old Brittany Murphy, and Carter Brush, also 10. Fellow 10-year-old Vanessa Dyck bested three of hers and Kate Bedard, 8, and Hayden Wittliff, 11, each improved two – Hayden by as much as 31 seconds. Olivia Conroy, 12, and Devan Dyck, 11, each improved one PBT. Also swimming were Yasmine DeRond, 8, in her first competition, and Isabella Wright, 10.

The Sarnia Y Rapids 1 swimmers are coached by Sue Athanasopoulos. This group’s next meet is in Aylmer on February 14.





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