Mooretown Flags Down by Two



In Mooretown last night the Essex 73's took a 2 - 0 lead after defeating the Flags 4 - 1 in the semi final round of the Great Lakes Jr. C hockey playoffs.


"A little lack of energy at the start the game after a pretty tough game last night" Head Coach Doug Slipacoff said

"Essex plays every shift as hard as they can.  If your not ready to play every shift you can get in a lot of trouble and they can wear you down really quickly and I think we saw that tonight. They play the right way they play hard they play fast they play to the whistle there're impressive."


Essex scored a single goal in the first period then added two in the second and one more in the third.  William Stadder score two of the 73's goals and Michael Vieira added a single.


Scoring for the Flags Rookie Cameron Rannie scored in the second with Jeff Brown and Colton Osborne assisting.


"We didn't quit we kept trying but it's the little things." said Slipacoff  "It's having your stick on the ice and being ready, bearing down on it."

Slipacoff added "They play like men and they play hard and sometimes we don't.  We're a little reactionary instead of aggressive to go get the puck and read the play. We wait for it to come to us instead of rather go get it.  Instead they go get it and they take it right to you and if you sit back they'll pin you in your zone for two straight minutes."


Essex outshot the Flags 43 - 31. 


Flags netminder Brandon Johnson played two periods but didn't return to start the third.  In the second period Johnson went down after being hit in the upper body but manage to finish the period. Johnson faced 28 shots and made 25 saves.

Nolan Hakr made his first appearance in the playoffs and played solid after going in cold.   Hakr faced 15 shots and made 14 saves.


Both sides went scoreless on the power play.  Mooretown had three chances and Essex had five.


The two teams are back in action on Saturday returning to Essex for a 7:00 pm puck drop.


"I told the guys we've been here before we know what this situation is like and that it's not time to get down on ourselves. We need to rally together and make sure our only focus is Saturday."





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