Mooretown Flags Win Despite Ugly Finish

November 1, 2015

"The score got up there and we got away from our game plan, it was an ugly finish." said Head Coach Doug Slipacoff after the 5 - 3 win at home Saturday night over the Wheatley Sharks in Great Lakes Jr. C hockey.

The Flags were up 5 - 0 after scoring a single in the first, two in the second and two more in the third before Wheatley scored two quick goals at 11:18 and 12:02 and finished with a power play goal at 19:48.

#23 Ben Morrison led in the win scoring two goals and earning an assist for a three point night.  Cameron Rannie, Jacob Reeves and Alec Segers each scored on round out the scoring.

Scoring for Wheatley were Nick Tavolier-Essec, Justin Pinsonneault and Mitchel Prudence.

"I thought we had a good first 40 minutes, but the 3rd period left a lot to be desired. Discipline got away from us and we got a little sloppy in our system and lost our composure."  said Slipacoff  "That's not the way we want to finish a game but 2 points is 2 points and weíll take a home win."

Up to the third period Mooretown had taken 2 penalties, one in the first and one in the second and Wheatley was given just one in the second, a two minute penalty for goalie interference.

At 15:58 a major scuffle broke out in Mooretown's end that included a roughing call on netminder Brandon Johnson and four players sitting in the box.

"I think Brandonís is one of the best goalie in the league and youíll see more teams try and get in his crease. Heís got to learn to keep a cool head itís only going to get worse if he retaliates when they skate through his crease."

"Credit to them (Wheatley), we tell our guys to go hard to the net the same thing, so they executed their game plan and it worked in the 3rd period, thankfully we were better in the first two period."

Johnson who is currently ranked 3rd in the league earned the win with 24 saves.

With the win the Flags moved up to fourth spot in the standings race with a record of 8-5.  At this time last year the Flags were 4-8.

"Considering 10 new players in the line up, Iíd say thatís a pretty nice start for the guys to be up above 500." Slipacoff said then added,

"So far itís two steps ahead, one step back. We are looking for consistency on a nightly basis and the guys are starting to come along. They are getting better at the D Zone and on our forward check but the big thing is staying even keel not get to high and not get too low."

"Discipline wasnít a strong suit of this team last year and thatís a big emphasis for our coaching staff." Slipacoff said  "For us it starts off the ice.  Showing up on time for games and practices and doing warm up properly and just being mentally prepared to play."

The Flags are back in action tonight (Sunday) on the road travelling to Blenheim. To stay in 4th spot the Flags must win as the Blades are one point behind the Flags with a record of 7-5-1.






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