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Perry's 3 on 3 Bantam/Midget Week 6 Results

Thursday may 15, 2014

Sentry Fire vs Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn
On Wednesday night in Perry's 3 on 3 Bantam/Midget division Sentry Fire won the first game 9 - 4 of the night over Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn.
Elijah Contreras and Brock Perry each scored 3 goals each, Sam McCormack added 2 and a single by Dillon Timperlay.  Max Steeves led Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn with 3 goals and 1 by David Norris.  Kaden Fulcher earned the win in net for Sentry Fire.


Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn vs KV Sheet Metal
Hazlitt's second game improved as they took a 10 - 6 win over KV Sheet Metal.  Steeves again scored 3 goals in the game with doubles by Joseph Iaccino, Bradley Vansteenkiste and David Norris and 1 by Taylor Clark.  Bert Thorpe and Dawson Vautour each scored 2 goals for KV Sheet Metal and Connor Coopman and Hunter Monkhouse added singles to round out the score.  Bailey Reinders earned the win in net for Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn.


KV Sheet Metal vs Sentry Fire
In this close game Sentry Fire edged out KV Sheet Metal 6 - 5.  Brock Perry and Sam McCormack each scored 2 goals in the win with Nate Broad and Elijah Contreras adding singles.  Dawson Vautour scored twice for KV Sheet Metal and singles by Blake Taylor, Mackenzie Caley and Justin Riley-Meyer.  Fulcher earned his second win of the night in net for Sentry Fire.

Co-Operators vs Stokes Inland
The Co-Operators were shorthanded and picked up a couple of players which contributed in the 7 - 3 win over Stokes Inland.  The substitute players contributed with 6 goals and Nash Nienhuis added 1. For Stokes Inland they too had a substitute however it was regular players who scored with Jocelyn Eves, Beatrice Dufour and Sydnee Baker scoring.  Netminder Noah Melanson earned the win for Co-Operators.


Stokes Inland vs All Season Concrete
Stokes Inland took a 11 - 8 win over All Season Concrete in game 5 of the night.  Substitute players were a factor in this game as each side had a total of 5 goals by outside members.  Devon Facchinato and Maddy Lalonde each scored 2 for Stokes and Jocelyn Eves and Beatrice Dufour added 1 each.  Logan Scott, Cody MacNeil and TJ Harris scored for All Season Concrete.  Sydney Authier earned the win in net.


All Season Concrete vs Co-Operators
In the final game of the night the Co-Operators defeated All Season Concrete 15 - 5.  Scoring leader for Co-Operators was Nash Nienhuis who scored 4 goals.  Mitchell Kootstra added 3 and Jnathan Sedge added a single.  Two substitute players combined scored 6 goals.  For All Season Concrete TJ Harris scored 2 and Logan Scott added 1.  All Season also had two substitute players and the two players had a combined total of 2 goals.



Teams GP W L T PTS
Stokes Inland 12 9 3 0 18
Co-Operators 12 8 4 0 16
Sentry Fire 12 7 4 1 15
Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn 12 4 8 0 8
KV Sheet Metal 12 4 8 0 8
All Season Concrete 12 3 8 1 7


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